Healthy diet + healthy planet? Possible!

25% of the world’s population are obese and 13% suffer from hunger. This is because of our unhealthy diet and potentially destructive means of food production. We deplete the ozone by the emission of greenhouse gases, destroy forests, pollute waters, and render species extinct, all because of how we produce our food. If we think that there are no other methods to provide healthy food considering our booming population, we are wrong.

The “flexitarian” diet is the revolution in becoming sustainable and attaining a more healthy lifestyle. It is consuming more vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, and the like as well as including high-quality meat, dairy, and sugar. What makes this diet different is that it advocates that more prosperous societies consume less.

There are actually five (5) steps to provide healthy food while taking care of the planet.

First, making healthy diet normal (not just for the ‘fit’). This can be made possible by spreading more public health information and encouraging businesses to provide more healthy options.

Second, growing what’s good for the people and the environment. One way could be practicing agroforestry or also by simply using organic wastes as fertilizer.

Third, becoming more efficient in producing food by using less and making more.

Fourth, protecting our lands and waters. We cannot recreate anymore of these once destructed, that’s why we should restore while we can and as much as possible to avoid damaging it.

Lastly, finding ways to lessen food waste. Smart consumerism is one key to avoid throwing food away. Most products go to trash because of lack of consciousness in understanding food labels such as expiration dates.

Changes don’t happen in a blink of an eye, and in order for these to happen, everyone, from the consumers, to the suppliers, and even the government, must coordinate and cooperate for a better lifestyle and for a better planet.

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