New solar-powered water pump to provide water to rural Indian farmers

An inexpensive, solar-powered water pump called Nadi was recently invented by Black & Decker via its sister company Stanley Earth for rural Indian farmers. The brand is more known as a manufacturer of power tools for Home Depot but now aims to broaden its network by building solid business for the good of society.

20% usage of electricity in India is because of water pumping, with much of it coming from burning coal and diesel, which causes pollution. The solar-powered water pump makes farming more sustainable by avoiding the use of fossil fuels.

The pump is equipped with a more efficient type of motor and is connected to sensors that monitor the weather and soil conditions, which help in determining the best time for irrigation. The pump can also be connected to a mobile phone and can be synced to the cloud, which would track its maintenance. Unused solar energy can be sent back to the grid and can be traded as cash crops as an incentive from the Indian government.

The water pump will be available for purchase directly from Stanley Black & Decker and also via their distributors and partners. The company aims not only to bring Nadi to India but also to other farming countries in Africa, South America, and in Southeast Asia in a bid to make farming easier and more sustainable.

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