Are chickpeas the new ‘cool beans’? 

Chickpeas, more known as garbanzo beans, which originally came from the Mediterranean and the Middle East, is now making its way across the globe, well, more likely in America.

Following the hummus trend in the US, chickpeas laddered its way to the American taste buds because of their craving for a creamy and starch-like feeling in their mouth. More than the taste of being popular beans, chickpeas has a lot of health-benefits.

Chickpeas are a good go-to for people who are invested in a high-protein diet. Most of the people turning to have chickpeas in their diet has a common goal, which is to eat healthier. Vegetarians, vegans, and even those who want to eat less meat turn to chickpeas due to its protein content.

Aside from being a high-protein food, chickpeas also trigger fewer reactions in those people with specific allergies. They are similar to the taste and texture of soy and wheat, but are more allergen-friendly.

And since chickpeas are widely spread across different cuisines, it isn’t so hard to add to your diet. They are also affordable, which also makes it more of an alternative to other food.

Besides being a healthy snack, chickpeas might be a good player in feeding people in the future. Given the changes happening with our climate, chickpeas grow efficiently in hotter and drier lands. These nutrition-filled beans are sustainable and is just what America needs to cultivate if climate change continues.

In the near future, from being hipster beans, chickpeas are becoming cool beans as more people try and adapt it into their diets.

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