Beekeepers in Poland Successfully Eradicate Bee-Killing GM Corn

Poland has long banned the use of MON810 corn, a genetically-modified line of produce designed to produce its own insecticide within each and every kernel.

The European country has banned its use after thousands of protesters took to the streets and demanded for its use to end.

Use of the MON810 alongside with chemicals were partially held responsible for the onset of colony collapse disorder, which is a worldwide phenomenon that leads to entire honeybee colonies disappearing or dying.

Reports said that Poland’s ban of the GMO corn variety made them the first country to publicly acknowledge that its use was related to CCD.

The ban also confirms numerous reports that details the association between GM crops and bee deaths due to different effects after being exposed to bacteria. Its causes weight loss and a lower honey production among bees.

Many countries continue to reject the use of GMO crops fearing its long-term effects both on the environment and human health.

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