A Dating App for Cows Helps Farmers Match Their Cattle

A dating application is helping farmers make matches for their cattle. “Tudder” is inspired by and works like the popular matchmaking app Tinder and lets farmers swipe right on the cattle that they think is a match.

Similar to the human equivalent, farmers use their smartphones to choose whether they are looking for a male or female.

Information and photos about cattle are also available on their profiles that makes trading easier for farmers from various areas.

Then they can then choose from the cattle by swiping right for a match and left for no, until they find a potential partner.

Farmers are then directed to a page on the SellMyLivestock website where they can browse more pictures and information about the animals before making the final purchase.

Cattle farmer and Tudder user James Bridger said that the app eases transport stress for animals and prove to be a rival to traditional markets that takes a lot more time to choose livestock from.

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