5 Reasons We Should Support Agriculture

Agriculture is concerned with cultivating plants and raising animals in order to feed the population, which makes it a good cause to support.

Being an advocate of agriculture, sometimes known as “AGvocate,” is open to all those who can tell the inclusive story of agriculture.

Here are some reasons why you should advocate for agriculture:

  1. To help others. Consumers want to learn more about food production but aren’t sure where to turn to. As an agricultural advocate, you can help keep the public from accidentally believing misinformation about the industry by sharing real, helpful stories from farmers, scientists, and other agricultural workers.

  2. To protect the farmer. Markets are unpredictable and can greatly impact the farmer when times gets tough. Advocating or raising awareness about farmers’ conditions can help strengthen a community. It can influence policy makers to enact more farmer-friendly laws and regulations.
  3. To promote business opportunities. When one is acquainted with the businesses in the agriculture industry, they can serve as a platform to promote such enterprises, their products, and even the practical or environment-friendly systems that such businesses utilize. And for those who have yet to start, educating them about the agriculture-related businesses they can venture into by advising them about the different areas in agriculture is a good way to start.

  4. To help the planet. Some farmers still use harmful chemicals in their crops because not many are convinced or knowledgeable about the different organic farming practices. As an AGvocate, it’s important to keep the environment in mind because it’s the main component in agriculture. Disseminate information about organic farming practices, what types of chemicals to avoid, and which ones are safe. Not only will this help the farmers in growing safe food, but it will also help preserve nature.

  5. To improve agricultural and environmental decisions. Not many people are well-versed with issues in the agriculture industry. By providing proper information or by sharing objective opinions, AGvocates can help people better understand the conflicts and possible resolutions in farming.

Being an AGvocate can be a bigger help to farmers than most people think because they can serve as the voice and supporters of the people who are responsible for the food on our plates. Moreover, it’s rewarding to see the smiles and gratitude of both the producers and consumers who have been influenced for the better.

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