Enticing the Youth to Take Up Agriculture

Photo from Department of Agriculture 

Agriculture is defined as the science or practice of farming. It includes the cultivation of soil for growing crops and raising livestock to provide food for the community.

In order to secure the food supply for the next generation, it is the social responsibility of the society to encourage the youth to take interest in professions connected to agriculture such as farming, fishing, raising livestock, and more.

According to the Department of Agriculture, here are some ways to encourage the youth to venture into agriculture:

Start them young. Instill the importance f agriculture during time when children’s minds can be easily molded. Include lessons in agriculture as a part of the regular school curriculum to develop children’s basic knowledge, as well as their appreciation of the science and art of food production. Exposing them to agriculture at a young age can also spark an interest in a career related to the food producing sector.

Create a likeable image. Agriculture is often portrayed as financially unrewarding. Paint a better picture that shows the success of young entrepreneurs in different fields like vegetable growing or agribusinesses. Create a greater awareness on the benefits of pursuing agriculture.

Let them speak their minds. Give the youth a sense of inclusion and importance in agriculture. Allow them to voice out their opinions and ideas so that policy makers, government agencies, and other concerned parties can get a clear picture of what needs to be addressed as seen from the perspective of the next generation.

Use social media. Use the younger generation’s addiction to social media as a tool to entice them into agri-related activities. Become active in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more engagement and a bigger audience.

Let them know what they’ll gain. Different sectors in agriculture are financially rewarding and aside from securing food to eat, assuring monetary benefit is also a good reinforcement for any cause.

The Philippines’ population continues to grow, with the demand for food along with it. The next generations should be prepared to take on the responsibility of feeding a nation as well as appointing the proper government officials to help them do it.

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