How to Prepare a Small Farm for a Storm

The Philippines has a tropical climate which means that there are two types of weather: wet and dry. Both types have different impact on crops, especially when the weather reaches extremes. As a country regularly beset by typhoons and monsoon rains, it’s always prudent to be prepared for extremely wet weather.

Here are some tips to prepare a small farm when a storm is about to hit:

  1. Mitigate future emergencies or lessen possible negative outcomes. This involves activities like finding out the right amount of food and water requirements that livestock would require during a storm.
  2. Be ready to handle an emergency. Secure livestock, harvest any remaining crops, and prepare any evacuation plans if the need arises. Keep a complete first-aid kit, evacuation plan, and important phone numbers close by.
  3. Always put safety first. Check for any leaks around the farm or any faulty wiring that could prove to be harmful when a flood comes.
  4. Recover from the storm. Once the storm passes, check for any damages around the farm premises and have necessary repairs or improvements done in order to prevent other losses during a next storm.

Weather forecasts are not always accurate. But no matter what the weather is, prevention is better than cure. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your house, farm, crops, and livestock are secure, no matter what the skies may bring.

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