35 Vegetable Farmer Heroes Hailed

Thirty-five vegetable farmers were hailed as “farmer heroes” by leading tropical vegetable seeds company East-West Seed recently to commemorate its 35th anniversary, with Sen. Cynthia Villar as guest speaker.

The awarding capped East-West Seed’s three-month nationwide search for 35 “farmer heroes” who have achieved success, made significant contributions to their communities, demonstrated innovativeness in adopting new technologies, and could serve as role models of other farmers on how vegetable farming can enrich lives.

The search spanned 18 regions with over 800 farmers recognized as “Regional Champs”. From the pool of “Regional Champs”, the 35 Farmer Heroes were selected.

The farmer heroes were earlier featured in the November 2017 issue of Agriculture Magazine.

Celebrating the Success of Farmers

“We want to express our gratitude to the Filipino farmers who have supported us all these years by celebrating their success, innovativeness, entrepreneurial spirit, and hard work. Their remarkable qualities uplift not just the lives of their families but also the whole local vegetable industry,” said Henk Hermans, general manager of East-West Seed Philippines.

Through their stories, we also want to inspire others, especially the youth, to engage in farming and become successful vegetable farmers” Hermans added.

During the event, East-West Seed also recognized 35 outstanding distributors for being East-West Seed’s loyal partners in improving the lives of Filipino farmers.

For more information, visit the East-West Seed.

This appeared without a byline in Agriculture Monthly’s January 2018 issue.

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