Syngenta’s Hybrid Rice Tops Rice Derby

Syngenta’s hybrid rice, Frontline S6003, emerged as the highest yielder among twelve hybrid rice varieties from five participating agricultural companies and cooperatives which joined the recent Northern Mindanao Hybrid Rice Derby.

Frontline S6003 yielded 7.42MT/ha and achieved the highest yield for both crop cut and actual yield assessment per hectare. S6003 is the newest addition to the hybrid rice varieties being distributed by Syngenta to Filipino rice farmers. It is registered with the National Seed Industry Council as NSIC Rc376H (Mestiso 59) with 12MT/ha potential yield.

According to Gideon Paje, Syngenta’s Demand Creation Lead for Bukidnon, S6003 is very suitable in wet conditions. With short plant height, it can tolerate lodging during rainy seasons. It has long slender grains with good eating quality, and a 71% milling recovery.

Two other Frontline hybrids bested the other entries from such companies as Davao Oriental Seed Producers Cooperative, Seedworks, SLAC and Bayer in terms of actual yield result. Frontline NK5017 yielded 6.4MT/ha while Frontline RH9000 yielded 6.2MG/ha.

Mestiso 27.

Frontline NK5017 (Mestiso 27) can be planted in both the wet and dry seasons with a potential yield of 10MT/ha. It has good clustering of grain per panicle and good eating quality. On the other hand, Frontline RH 9000 (Mestiso 52) is recommended for growers who are after premium grain quality. It has long slender grain with 70% milling recovery. It has an estimated yield potential of 10MT/ha.

The Rice Derby was organized by the DA-Regional Office 10 and Central Mindanao University in a model farm project in CMU, Musuan and Maramag, Bukidnon.

This appeared without a byline in Agriculture Monthly’s January 2018 issue.

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