Setting Up Your Garden: A Guide to Growing Flowers at Home, Part 2

By Patricia Bianca S. Taculao

Flower gardens are a natural way to brighten up the outside of a home. Blooms provide a fresh sight and scent that can lift one’s spirit and beautify one’s surroundings.

The previous article discussed the tools needed to start flower gardening, as well as their uses. Now that you have a checklist for your arsenal, do you know how to grow a flower garden?

The first step in doing so is to plan the way you want to see your garden once it comes into full bloom. Decide what kind of garden you want to grow — is it a variety of different flowers and colors? Or will only one kind of flower steal the spotlight?

Use a pen and paper to map out where planta will go–this will give you a better sense of what the garden will look like.

Afterward, select the location that has the right amount of sunlight for your new flower garden.

With the planning done, begin working the soil on the area you selected. Add lots of organic matter to make the soil as fertile as possible. Its consistency should be not too moist but not too dry. The right texture will let you form a loose ball of soil with your fist. It should also break if dropped to the ground.

Clear any unwanted debris in the area or if your garden will be made out of pots, make sure they’re secure against the weather or other external factors that could damage them.

Then, know when the right time to start planting is. It’s usually in the early months of the year or toward the end of summer to avoid too much rain or too much sun. Also provide proper fertilization and watering for your plants so they will grow vibrantly and healthy–the way you want it too.

Lastly, don’t rush the process because creating and maintaining a beautiful garden is an art that requires a lot of work. Take time to enjoy the growth process of your flower garden before you take it all in once it blooms.

Now you can head on to the store and purchase your seeds. If there are things that you’re unsure of, you can ask the store salesperson for tips. You can also look everything up on the internet. Many a sucessful gardener has started by viewing one tutorial online and going forth from there.

Agriculture.com.ph also have links to different tips and tricks to help you along your way, so continue to drop by the website for new discoveries.

Happy gardening!

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Patricia Bianca S. Taculao
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