2018 Guide to Animal Raising

Venturing into livestock raising can be a challenge. There are a lot of factors to keep track of that could make or break the future of the farm and its animals, and a farmer needs all the help they can get. But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Below, we’ve collated some of our best pieces on animal husbandry in one handy guide for your reference.


There are many things to consider such as the number of animals to own, their feed, vitamins or supplements, their housing, and more. Proper attention to pasture management can be the key to avoiding any mishap on the farm. Here is an article to help you get started: Importance of Proper Pasture Management.


Raising pigs is a common livestock agriculture practice because of the market’s rising demand for pork also raises the stakes for its supply, making the pig raising profitable.

There are different types of pigs to choose from. Each one has a unique trait has potential to meet the farmers’ specifications. Discover which one matches your standards through this article. 

One way to improve growth, reduce stress, decrease their susceptibility toward diseases, and maximize the efficiency of the pigs is by enhancing their living conditions. Here’s a link to an article that mentions some tips to keep in mind regarding pig housing. 

Raising pigs for livestock is not an easy job. It takes patience, management, and perseverance to keep the pigs’ from getting too stressed in their environment. Sometimes, it can also be a dirty job. This article discusses a system of raising pigs that’s eco-friendly helps turn waste into fertilizer. 

Native Animals

Interested in cultivating animals who have their native roots? Native animals have distinct qualities, which shows in their appearance or performance, that are different from the regular breeds we see often. They also have different requirements. Here are some articles to help you get started on native animal raising.  

The duck industry is the second largest poultry industry in the Philippines. It provides income to farmers through egg and meat production

Native pigs are easily identified because of their black color. They multiply and grow fast which makes their breeding and housing requirements to be more meticulous than the usual. Here’s an article to help you get started. 

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