John Teodoro’s Idea of a Leisure Farm

By Zac B. Sarian

For many leisure farms, especially in Taiwan, their main purpose is to generate income by offering good food, recreational and educational do-it-yourself (DIY) activities, souvenir items, and a lot more.

In the case of John Teodoro of Solsona, Ilocos Norte, the reason for his leisure farm is for the enjoyment of his family and to entertain friends. There is no intention to make money—it’s just for the enjoyment for all. That’s what John has made of his farm in Brgy. Maan-anteng. Of course, he has other farm projects for business like a nursery of forest trees and flowering plants in another barangay. He is also the manager of the Ilocos Norte Water District.


One other purpose is to inspire other people, especially those with idle land, to start making their property productive by planting fruit and forest trees, vegetables, and other crops. One reason why he has a lot of plants grown in containers is that if someone is really interested in coming up with his own project, John can give the person a few plants to start with. And that is for free!

In his Maan-anteng leisure farm, John has ponds for growing giant gourami and colored tilapia. When visitors arrive, they are usually served with newly caught fish that is grilled, cooked in coconut milk, or some other preparation. He really serves the big ones, often with chilled beer, although he himself does not drink wine or beer (for a very special reason that he usually tells his visitors, but which is not for print). Aside from fish, he serves authentic Ilocano pinakbet and other special dishes.

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John is really proud of his many fruit trees that are grown in containers, like balimbing, calamansi, lemon, makopa, and guava. He has also mature carabao mangoes; he quipped, when a close friend told him the mango trees were quite close to each other, that he needs them for their shade and not their fruits. He has a low, wide-spreading duhat tree near one of his ponds. He said it really produces giant fruits.

In one of his tilapia ponds, John has also placed a small rubber boat for kids. One young fellow who enjoys boating is his nephew, Lanz Carlyle T. Peralta.

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John keeps his farm really spic and span. It is something that can inspire others to come up with their own projects, either for leisure or profit, or both.

This appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s April 2016 issue.

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