Organic Trading Post Established in Bustos, Bulacan

With the aim of promoting “happy, healthy, healing” organic food for a healthier community, an organic trading post was recently established at Bonga Menor, Bustos, Bulacan.

By Angie M. Veneracion

The project, called the Bustos Organic Trading Post, was spearheaded by MarkVic Tancangco and family. It is hoped that families in search of organic produce will patronize it for their needs.

The trading post only sells organically grown meat, fruits, and vegetables; if these are not available nearby, the items are sourced from suppliers in other communities. The staff makes make regular trips to Baguio to buy produce from an organically certified farm to ensure that their clientele will have a continuous supply.

The trading post also encourages farmers from nearby areas to plant organically and coordinate their planting activities for a better mix of pesticide-free produce. This also benefits the farmers, who may sell their produce directly to the post, avoiding middlemen and enjoying better prices for products.

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Also established was the Bustos Organic Restaurant, which offers delicious meals from the organic produce of the trading post. It advocates for the community to eat healthy, and this is reflected in their motto: “Let your food be your medicine, let your medicine be your food.”

This early, the trading post is already popular. Walk-in clients come and buy produce; nearby customers can enjoy phoning in their orders for delivery. Good service on top of good, fresh products helps the Bustos Organic Trading Post
cultivate regular and satisfied clients.

For more information, visit Bustos Organic Trading Post.

This appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s February 2016 issue.

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