Power Grower Combo Can Double Sugarcane Yield

Continuing tests in commercial sugarcane farmers’ plantations reveal that the application of a special formulation of plant growth accelerator can substantially increase yield, even possibly doubling cane tonnage as well as sugar yield.

By Zac Sarian

This is the special formulation of Power Grower Combo developed by Alfonso G. Puyat, which has been used in several sugarcane plantations in Tarlac as well as in Negros Occidental. The formulation has also been working well with other crops like fruit trees, vegetables, and tobacco.

Recently, a check on the performance of seven-month old cane plants in the farm of Nene Abello in Negros Occidental revealed a big difference between the treated and untreated ratoon plants and plants that were grown from cane points. The checking was done in the presence of officials of the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA), according to Puyat.

The Protocol

Alfonso Puyat explains that one secret in increasing sugarcane yield is giving the right nutrients for every stage of plant growth.

The Power Grower Combo works well for both plants that are grown from cane points as well as the ratoon or the succeeding growth from the stumps of harvested canes. They are also called ‘stools’.

There’s a big difference between the sugarcane plants, both ratoon and
cane plant (grown from cane point) treated with Power Grower Combo and
the untreated ones. From left: Goo Puyat showing ratoon canes that were
not treated with PGC. Next to him is Alfonso Puyat holding 7-month old
ratoon treated with PGC. Third is planter Nene Abello holding cane plants not treated with PGC while at extreme right is John Geolingo holding two canes of 7-month old cane plants treated with PGC.

STEP 1 – If cane points are used for planting, mix 250 ml (milliliters, or about one-fourth of a liter) of Philor ANAA 400% concentrated solution with 400 liters (l) of clean water. Soak the cane points for 10 to 15 minutes, or spray the ANAA solution on bundled cane points, making sure that all cane point eyes are wet. Fungicide and insecticide can also be mixed in with the solution.

For ratoon stools, mix 250 ml of ANAA (as above) with 400 liters of clean water. Spray the ANAA-water solution (within 24 hours) on newly shaved (cleared of debris) sugarcane stools just once. Pesticides can also be mixed if needed.

STEP 2 – This is the first foliar spray of Power Grower Combo 30 days after Step 1. This will accelerate absorption and assimilation of available soil nutrients to increase productive tillers and increase the chance of healthy development of the plants until maturity.

FOR CANE PLANTS: Mix one kilo (two packs) or kg of Power Grower Combo with 200 l of water and spray on irrigated plants after the first fertilization. For non-irrigated fields, spray immediately after fertilizer application.

FOR RATOON PLANTS: Dosage is the same as above. Spray after first fertilization in irrigated fields. For un-irrigated fields (rainfed), spray after first fertilization or when there is ample moisture in the soil.

STEP 3 – Second foliar spray, 30 days after Step 2. This is to maintain accelerated absorption and assimilation of available soil nutrients to help grand growth stage and increase cane height, diameter, and cane weight.

FOR RATOON & CANE PLANT: Mix 2 kg Power Grower Combo (4 packs) with 400 l of water. Spray when there is ample soil moisture in both irrigated and rainfed fields.

STEP 4 – Third foliar spray, 30 days after Step 3. This is for increased cane height and bigger, heavier canes.

FOR BOTH RATOON & CANE PLANT: Mix 2 kg Power Grower Combo (4 packs) with 400 l of water and 250 ml Philor GA3 and spray the plants when there is appropriate moisture in the soil. The plants will not be able to absorb plant nutrients from the soil if moisture is lacking.

That’s all. Mr. Puyat said that the SRA will soon adopt the technology. Clusters of sugarcane farms will adopt the technology in the next planting season.

This appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s November 2014 issue.

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