Agrilink 2015 Focuses on Regional Development

The 2015 edition of Agrilink trade show will focus on regional agribusiness development as a strategy for inclusive growth in the country.

The event will be held on October 15 to 17 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

According to Antonio V. Roces, president of the Foundation for Resource Linkage and Development (FRLD), the trade show will focus on the development of the various regions’ agribusiness strengths in terms of products, crops grown, animals raised and agri-eco tourism potentials. He adds that growth and progress can be better attained through a more dynamic exchange of goods, better employment and capacity building.

Mr. Roces said that the country’s agribusiness industry has undergone great transformation over the past years. Regional agribusiness development provides the benefits of comparative advantage under further specialization. This allows our farmers
and stakeholders to think globally and act regionally, which can help diversify our agricultural industry while ensuring that our products become more competitive in the international markets.

He continues: “The development of agribusiness activities within regions based on agricultural production, and export in particular, can also lead to increased income within a region. This has been evident in corn silage production. Agribusiness
clusters in Cagayan Valley, which cater to the entire value chain from land preparation to postharvest, have enhanced the region’s productivity and competitiveness in corn. Cagayan valley has become the premier producer of quality corn for poultry and hog feeds and is enabling the region to target Asean competitiveness for corn feed grain and silage.”

Mr. Roces adds: “Higher income through regional agribusiness development can also lead to creation of value-added products and services for the people within the region. More livelihood opportunities can be created in other areas such as food science
and technology, research, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, marketing, tourism, education and training.

“The process of developing agribusinesses within each region can further strengthen the foundation of rural enterprises in today’s modern economy. In addition, it enhances the adaptive capabilities of our farmers and stakeholders by helping them
address the increasingly changing consumer demand and the new technologies needed to keep their agricultural products globally competitive.”

This year’s Agrilink trade will be the event’s 22nd edition. It has become the most awaited annual happening in the agriculture, food and fisheries sectors. As usual, the event is open free to the public. Aside from the exhibits of various commodities, there will be free lectures and workshops on timely agricultural topics.

FRLD, the organizer, can be reached by email at:

This story appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s June 2015 issue. 

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