Novel Floral Arrangement

Get inspired and mesmerized to this novel floral arrangement in Quezon City, Philippines.

A novel flower arrangement won the top prize in the floral arrangement competition at the recent Chilli Festival held last September 17 at the Bougainvilea Clubhouse in Quezon City.

The winning arrangement consisted of bright red chilli fruits, a few aster flowers, and foliage. It was entered by Mary Ann Pungan of Simon’ Farm in Santiago City, Isabela.

The arrangement was easily the runaway winner which really amazed a lot of attendees of the festival. Many of them took pictures. Some of them said that the arrangement is very practical. The red hot chillis will last a long time, unlike most flowers used in floral arrangements that wilt in just a few days.

And if the arrangement finally wilts, the red hot pepper can be used as condiment in the home.

This story appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s October 2017 issue. 

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